Language Testing Terminology

1.                Validity: The test accurately reflects the content of the syllabus on which it is based, and in suitable proportion. It tests nothing else!

2.                Reliability: a reliable test should be  a consistent measure of performance. Hypothetically, the score obtained by a student should be very similar to what would have been attained on a different occasion.

3.                OPI; This stands for Oral Proficiency Interview, the speaking test component of STANAG proficiency tests.

4.                Level Check: In an OPI test, this is when a tester checks to see if the student is at the level they expect them to be. It confirms the assumed ability of the student.

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Learning Strategy for improving Listening skill

Practice listening in real context outside of class at least there times a week(Watching the news, sitcoms, or DVDs, going to the movies, listening to the radio, tapes or podcasts, etc.) and keep a Listening Log to record these experiences. This will provide opportunities for you to apply or practice what you have learned and will also provide you with new cultural information.

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Summary of STANAG 6001 Levels

Level o

No practical proficiency. Perhaps some memorized words or phrases.

Level   1           Survival

Listening Can understand familiar phrases and short simple sentences      about                             everyday personal  and survival needs. Continue reading

Extensive Reading 2


This article  has relation with the article written prior, it’s Extensive reading. One of the DITC’s teacher, Lynn has an idea in teaching for extensive reading. I think this writting is absolutely usefull for encouraging teachers in managing the reading activity.

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Bahasa Dalam Sekolah



Berdasarkan pemakaiannya Bahasa  dapat dibedakan atas bahasa resmi dan  tidak resmi. Yang dimaksud  dengan bahasa resmi ialah bahasa yang digunakan dalam situasi resmi, misalnya pidato kenegaraan, bahasa yang digunakan dalam Undang-undang, peraturan-peraturan pemerintah,  pertemuan-pertemuan kenegaraan,  ceramah ilmiah, diskusi, proses pembelajaran , Continue reading

Semangat Sumpah Pemuda

 Semangat Sumpah Pemuda Untuk Menghadapi Gelombang

Krisis Keuangan Dunia bagi Bangsa Indonesia.


1.         Pendahuluan

 Pada tanggal 28 Oktorber 1928, Sumpah pemuda  dideklarasikan oleh para pemuda dari seluruh pelosok nusantara.  Sejarah Besar telah  dimulai ketika sekelompok pemuda dari berbagai golongan, suku, agama, aliran, politik  merasa perlunya sebuah perekat,  pemersatu agar bangsa Indonesia lebih solid dan kuat untuk menuju kemerdekaan.
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Classroom Management

                This article  is very useful for all my colleages and also  for DIBI’s students at The Defense Language Center Pondok Labu Jakarta.  I got  this article  from MELT’s Class.  I think  it is interesting  a lesson and also  applicable for teaching at school.

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