We use the Present Continuous to talk about something is happening at or close to the time of speaking.

Ex: She’s watching TV in the living room now.

Form: Subject + verb to be + main verb with ING +

I                am                     watching

When do we use the Present Continuous?

a) For Incomplete Actionsactions that are happening around the time of speaking. Adverbs like now, at present, at this moment, can appear in the sentence.

Ex: I am listening music now.

b) A Future Arrangement The Present Continuous can express an action that will happen in a definite future. Adverbs like soon, today, tonight, this week, this afternoon, tomorrow can be used in the sentences.

Ex: She is working soon. / They are playing Music at the concert tonight.

c) A Frequent RepetitionIt gives you the idea of an annoying situation. Adverbs like always, constantly, … can be used in the sentences.

Ex: She is always complaining about money.

d) A Future Programmed ArrangementWhen you have intention to do something.

Ex: I am moving to a new apartment in two weeks.

e) With Progressive Changing and Developing Situations

Ex: The population of the world is increasing very fast.


When we add ING to the verb we have to analyze its ending. If it ends in:

Eit loses the E and the ING is added         =   live, living  /  make, making

Yjust the ING is added                             =   study, studying  /  play, playing

IE it loses the IE and the YING is added   =   die, dying  /  lie, lying

When a verb ends in consonant / vowel / consonant and the stressed syllable is the last one, we double the last consonant and add ING.

Ex: begin – beginning


· The verb To Have doesn’t take the ING when it has the meaning of ” possess” .

Ex: I am having a stomachache. (wrong)

I have a stomachache. (right)

· In expressions like: TO HAVE LUNCH and TO HAVE FUN you can have the Continuous.

Ex: What’s he doing? He’s having lunch.

PS: The Interrogative and Negative Forms are made with the verb to be.

Ex: She is learning how to dance. /  Is she learning how to dance? /  She isn’t learning how to dance.


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