ASEAN agrees region to have nuclear power plants

The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Wed, 08/27/2008 5:49 PM  |  National

The ASEAN working group on the establishment of nuclear power plants announced on Wednesday that the ten member countries supported all current nuclear projects in the region.

The working group head, Carunia Firdausy, in Jakarta on Wednesday said no ASEAN member country objected to the plans of Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam plans to establish nuclear power plants.

Firdausy explained that all nuclear power plant projects in the region were for peaceful purposes with the main aim of reducing the countries’ dependency on fossil fuel to generate electricity.

Fossil fuel dependency is not only inefficient in terms of costs, it is also detrimental to the environment, he said.

The Indonesian government has set a modest target of four percent of the country’s total electricity supply to be generated by nuclear power plants in 2025, Firdausy said.

National Nuclear Energy Board (Batan) deputy chief Adi Wardoyo said ASEAN at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) supported nuclear technology development in the region in anticipation of a scarcity of fossil fuels.

“Indonesia`s philosophy in developing nuclear energy is merely for peaceful purposes with security and safety on top of its priorities,” he said. (and)


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