Classroom Management

                This article  is very useful for all my colleages and also  for DIBI’s students at The Defense Language Center Pondok Labu Jakarta.  I got  this article  from MELT’s Class.  I think  it is interesting  a lesson and also  applicable for teaching at school.

                Let’s begin by:

Monitoring student-centred tasks:

After setting up a task, move round the class quite quickly and check that everyone is on ht right track. Do this before you start monitoring students’ work closely.

Avoid adding instructions after you have asked students for start work. If you have forgotten something VITAL, then get everyone’s attention again.

Monitor in a low key manner : speak to individuals or small groups in a low voice.

Try to get around the whole class – You usually can’t see or hear all of everyone’s work but you can be interested and available.

When students are working on individual tasks or when you have organised pairs a according to level, make the most of this opportunity to work with students at their own level; give the weaker students help with the basic; push the stronger students as far as possible.

If students are doing a speaking task but one or two students seem to prefer to talk to you, then say something like ‘ Very interesting. Find out if your partner agrees.’ And walk away. Students need to realise that they can get good value from talking to other students.

Similarly, if students have a speaking task but one group has no ideas, ask them a relevant question and then say ‘ Tell your partners.’

Consider taking notes. For example if students are working individually on a written task and you notice that several students are having trouble with question 5. Mark this on your sheet and be ready to work with it more carefully. If students are doing a speaking task, take some notes about language that could be focussed on in feedback.

Keep students busy. If students are doing a written task and some students finish early, give them something to do e.g. Check their work and indicate which questions they need to change; get them to compare their work with someone else who has finished; tell them what the related homework is and let them start that. If students are talking in pairs or groups and some finish early; get them to prepare their brief report to the class; change partners; joining up the groups and ask them to compare their findings etc..

In addition, the teacher’s role is absolutely importance in managing the class moreover to get the success in teaching process.


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  1. this blog is very interesting for me too.
    druing summer vacation I used to take TOEFL class,
    and the class was the most interesting in my life.
    I was wondering what is the reason or success key for the class,
    and I have found some keys in this posted blog.

    actually now im teaching Japanese to a British student and an Indonesian student,
    but because my class is lack of management, they seem to be lost sometims during the class.
    I will learn something from this blog!! to make my class better!

    Keep it up.

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