Summary of STANAG 6001 Levels

Level o

No practical proficiency. Perhaps some memorized words or phrases.

Level   1           Survival

Listening Can understand familiar phrases and short simple sentences      about                             everyday personal  and survival needs.

Speaking Can maintain simple face-to-face communication in typical                                            everyday situations.

everyday survival or workplace situations.

Writing Can write lists, short notes, and phone messages to meet                                             immediate personal needs. Can complete forms.

Level 2           Functional

Listening Can follow conversations and talks about everyday topics, including                 personal news, well-known current events and routine job-related                                     topics and topics in his/her professional field.

Speaking Can communicate in everyday social and routine workplace                                          situations

Reading Can read simple, straightforward, factual texts on familiar topics.

Writing Can write with some precision simple personal correspondence and               routine workplace correspondence and related documents including                       brief reports.

Level 3           Professional

Listening Can understand conversations, briefings and telephone calls about                              complex topics, including economics, science, technology and                             his/her own professional field

Speaking Can participate effectively in most formal & informal conversations,                              including meetings. Can deliver briefings.

Reading Read with almost complete comprehension a variety of authentic                                 written material on general and professional subjects, including                                     unfamiliar subject matter.

Writing Can write effective formal and informal correspondence and other                                documents on practical, social and professional topics and special                          fields and competence.

Level 4           Expert

Listening Can understand all forms/styles of speech used for professional                                   purposes including on unfamiliar topics. Can recognize nuances of                                   meaning and irony and humor.

Speaking Can use the language with great precision, accuracy, and fluency                                 for all professional purposes.

Reading Can read all styles and forms of the written language used for                              professional purposes, including texts from unfamiliar general and                            professional-specialist areas.

Writing Can write the language precisely and accurately and can draft all                                  levels of prose pertinent to professional needs.

Level 5 Highly-articulate native

Educated native or completely bilingual


STANAG 6001 Familiarization & Testing Seminar MTCP LTTC Ottawa 2011


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