Tegowangi Temple



Candi Tegowangi, Plemahan, Kediri, Jawa Timur.

Candi Tegowangi, Plemahan, Kediri, Jawa Timur.


Tegowangi temple is located in the village of Plemahan Sub-district Tegowangi Regency Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. According to the book the Pararaton, this temple is where Pendharmaan Matahun Bhre. While the book of Negarakertagama explained that Bhre Matahun died in 1388 M. It is predicted this temple was created in the year 1400 M in the pendharmaan because a King of Majapahit was done 12 years after the Continue reading




Caldera Kelud
A height of 1.731 m (5.679 ft)

Kelud,  Mount Kelud(Gunung Kelud)is located in  Kediri,
East Java, Indonesia
Coordinates 7 ° 55’48 “S 112 ° 18’29” EKoordinat: 7 ° 55’48 “S 112 ° 18’29” E
Type Stratovolcano
Arc / belt of volcanic Ring of Fire
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Visit Kediri Town East Java Indonesia



Kediri is a town in the province of East Java, Indonesia and it is located 130 km southwest of Surabaya.Then Kediri is the third largest city in East Java after Surabaya and Malang by population. Kediri has an area of 63.40 km² and the entire region Kediri regency. Kediri city is splited by the Brantas river that stretches from south to north along 7 kilometers. Continue reading