Tegowangi Temple



Candi Tegowangi, Plemahan, Kediri, Jawa Timur.

Candi Tegowangi, Plemahan, Kediri, Jawa Timur.


Tegowangi temple is located in the village of Plemahan Sub-district Tegowangi Regency Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. According to the book the Pararaton, this temple is where Pendharmaan Matahun Bhre. While the book of Negarakertagama explained that Bhre Matahun died in 1388 M. It is predicted this temple was created in the year 1400 M in the pendharmaan because a King of Majapahit was done 12 years after the King’s death with a ceremony srada. Form of  this temple west facing rectilinear squared with having size 11.2 x 11.2 meters high and 4.35 m. Foundations made of brick while the stone walk and most of the remaining body is made of andesite. The foot of the temple is pleated and decorated. Each side of the foot of the temple upright panel found three decorated giant (gana) sitting squat; both hands raised like ketas supports the building of the temple. On it there is a bulge-bulge around the ornate temples in the outcrops of the upper side there are decorated with bells. On the body of the Temple in the middle on each side there are the pillars of a plain that connects the body and the foot of the temple. The pillars that seem unfinished. Around the body of the temple is decorated with a relief of the story of Sudamala 14 panil panil 3 on the north side, 8 panil on the West side and theSouth side panil 3. This story is about pengruatan (purity) in the form of goddess Durga is ugly and evil becomes a Goddess in the form of good done by Sahadeva, the youngest character in the story of the Pandavas. While at the booth the body Temple Yoni with drain (shower), a dragon-shaped. Page there is some statue that is Parvati Ardhenari, Garuda-body man and the rest of the Temple in the southeast corner. Based on the statues that were found and the Yoni in the temple and this temple has Hindu background. Candi Tegowangi keep an ample acreage and open.








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