Summary of STANAG 6001 Levels

Level o

No practical proficiency. Perhaps some memorized words or phrases.

Level   1           Survival

Listening Can understand familiar phrases and short simple sentences      about                             everyday personal  and survival needs. Continue reading




A reading is a receptive skill, a lesson based around the comprehension of a reading text is similar in many ways to that  designed to another receptive skill, listening. Reading is part of the language acquisition.  It makes students more or less understand what they read, Continue reading

Australia Slang

According to Collins Cobuild  Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, Slank means;  consists of words, expressions, and meanings that are informal and are used by people who know each other very well or who have the same interests. If you want to find information about specific words. This site provides some Australian Slang that might be useful for you. Continue reading


I believe this terminology is very useful for military members and particularly to whom concern with Australia.


Operational Zone – Sharp End

Support Zone – Blunt end

Recreation/Sport – Sportie (and Sporty)

To leave the Service – Pull the Pin

Morning Tea – Smoko/Stand Easy/Mornos

Dress / Clothing – Clobber / Rig / Civvies Continue reading




This is the Australian services messes rules. This lesson is given during in attending Austfamil class in DITC RAAF WILLIAMS Laverton Melbourne Victoria Australia. I believe this lesson will give a knowledge for us as a military member. Continue reading