Hallo……..My name Erko Hutoro. You can call me “Erko”,  I am Indonesian. I come from Kediri East Java Indonesia  and  I work for  Indonesia Ministry of Defense and  I am posted in the  Defense Language Center Jakarta. I am an Instructor  in this department. I have been working  since 1999. I am happy to be one of the members of the Defense Language Center’s Instructor. I have an opportunity to study, apply my knowledge and guide my students in the class.

I graduated from Ikip PGRI Kediri Jawa Timur in 1997. Majoring in  English Teaching . Then in 2002 I attended an English Course in Australia, AAELC-PT, Australian Advanced English Language Course-Pre Officer Training in DITC, RAAF WILLIAM LAVERTON MELBOURNE. Furthermore,  in 2005  I got a JDS Scholarship from Japan’s Government for  my Master Degree. I studied  at Ritsumeikan University Kyoto Japan, majoring at International Relations  and graduated in 2007.

On August  9th,  2008 to the end of December 2008, I attended  MELT Course, Methodology    English Language Teaching in DITC, Raaf William Laverton Melbourne. This course is very useful for my career and my future in DOD.

Then, On January 15th, 2011 to May 13th, 2011 I have an opportunity to study in Ottawa Canada for attending MTCP-LTTC, Military Training Cooperation Program-Language Teacher Training Course. I get a lot of new English knowledge and experiences here.

I am married and  My wife’s name is Hanik Muchoyaroh S.E. and  I usually call her Hanik. Then I have one a funny Son, he is Moh. Syaikhu Fadhli Pramudiansyah. I usually call him Fadhli. He is  8 years old. Now he is studying at Elementary School. Actually I have one more son but he was pass away, his name is Moh. Ridwan Nisfu Ramadhani, I love him very much and  I love my family and hopefully I will be success in my life and my future.

My hobbies are reading the news, listening to music, browsing the internet, doing sports and cooking. In my spare time particularly at the weekend usually I go to “Senayan”, it’s the Indonesia’s National sports area, I go  with my family and doing exercise, it’s really fun.

Anyway , this blog is the place for me to write and express my idea regarding to the development of my job and the changing of the world. This site also give a chance to you who are interested with this idea, you can give comment or input for my blog.

Best Regards




  1. Hi mas Erko,
    thank u so much for visiting my blog and especially for the comment 🙂
    U have such great experiences in some countries. Hope someday I could be like u, travelling all around the world. Hehehe..

    Good luck for u..! Ganbatte kudasai..

  2. Me 2, mas, thanx u …
    now, i know u 🙂
    good luck

  3. Hello Erko, welcome ! Happy to have you in our blogging activity. We`are waiting for your own story about your experience joining Ritsumeikan Univerity! Thanks.

  4. hi again
    nice pic,
    where did you get it?
    what software did you use? (photoshop?)

    jodan dake desu.

  5. Hello Pak Erko. Congratulation for your chance to join MELT in Australia. Take care.

  6. haluw

    salam kenal

    main2 ke blog saia yah

  7. Hi Erko I’m very happy to meet you here DITC. You’r e very helpful and friendly. I won’t forget you forever. Keep in touch and if you happen to visit Laos, drop me a line. You’re welcome to be my guest.

    Friendship never dies.

  8. hello, i am really glad to be your friend at DITC. i hope i will see u again in the future in Indonesia because i have a plan to go there one day.

    your friend


  9. Glad to be your friend at DITC hope fully we’ll meet again in the future. It was a good time in DITC especially mocking the Thai chicks. So look after them when i’m gone and good luck to you on your target course.



  10. Dear my friends,

    I am really happy to know you all. We are studying, sharing experiences, working hand in hand and hopefully our cooperation will be continued even though we stay far away from our country. Everyone…..thanks for your attention and your cooperation….!

    best regard


  11. Hallo I’m Yus from East-Timor, I hope tou don’t forget where is East-Timor, coz we used to be one mother and just separated in a few yers ago. However we still in relationship as brother and sister.

    Yes i’m really glad know you and thank you for adding me to become as ur member or friendship. Once again Thank you so much

  12. Hallo Yus……!
    I am also glad to know you and hopefully we can stil keep our relations even though we stay away from our country. Hopefully someday you have a chance to visit jakarta and my family will welcome for you. Ok Yus ….thanks for your attention.

    keep in touch


  13. dear my beloved brother..:)

    hmmm still simple n smart..,thanks a lot of your guidance and advice..many2 lesson can i take from that.and also thanks u was be acquainted with a new friend here..
    finaly kept praying and effort

    best regard

  14. Dear Pak E

    I invite you to go with me next Saturday to see the Tulip Festival in Silvan. I believe that it would be great to see beautiful flowers there, and most of all, it would be a great place to TAKE PICTURES. the admission fee is $15 only. I hope you will join us because this is the only chance of the year to see the festival while we are here. okay !


  15. hi……..how is your day…………..mr.erko……..u re my best friend in MELT Australia.
    he’s from java..Indonesia…….therefore while he’s speaking , sometimes it looks funny because of his style.
    i’m glad being his friend…………….bye

  16. Hallo, yoyok, ana, budi……!

    Nice to see you and thank a lot for visiting my home.
    Ana,,,,,,,,I think we can manage our schedule on that day because in that day we got an invitation from our senior for “buka bersama”, isn’t it?
    Budi……I am glad to know you and I wish to maintain our frienship and keep in touch ok!
    Yoyok……enjoy your life in our neighbour’s Jiran country, Singapore. Don’t forget your obligation for “Shalat five times a day” and good luck for your job!!
    Ok thanks for your attention


  17. hi …mas …assalammua’alaikum
    nice to see u again even not in”real”
    actually glad to know u even we dont have met yet, but i think u r really nice guys…
    always going abroad ya……. hm….

    ok keep in touch for silaturrahmi….
    pliz visit my friendster at in_lan@yahoo.com

    my best regard for ur family
    n c u


  18. wallaikum salam……..Hallo Iin….for long time not to see you! I am happy to see you again Iin! Tha’s right what you said. Ok we wiil arrange our halal bihalal after my coming from aussie. thanks Iin… good luck for your Master! and see you later….



  19. hi Erko how are you? i am playing guitar with my friends. suddenly i think of you that why i drop some lines to you. you like playing guitar don’t you? come around us and we will play it cheerful. my friend you will be happy and no miss your family! come us, ok?
    ring! ring! hurry up! see you!
    huong vietnam!

  20. Hallo Huong! I know that’s you have a good talent for making a poem, your language is beautiful and fantastic friend. Ok, we can work and cheerful while preparing our main business, do you know what’s that? em…..Lesson Plan for our Micro Teaching, don’t you? we still have nine left! good luck and thank you for your cooperation!



  21. XIn chao (Hello), Erko! I am Mai from, Vietnam. I’m glad to meet you here in Australia and to be your classmate. Keep in touch.

  22. Hallo… MAI ! I am glad to see you too. Hopefully we can keep in touch eventhough we stay far away. Good luck and thanks.

    Best Regard,


  23. hello, Erko! I am so glad to meet you at DITC. I like your sparkling eyes, intelligent and sincere. Hopefully, I will visit your nice country in the near future. forget me not.

  24. hey, how the heel are you going?

  25. I’m Khamkhat. I’m from Laos. I am very happy to know you. You are my best friend that I met at DITC. Don’t forget when we are away. See you in Indonesia one day.
    Have a wonderful life.

  26. hello, nice site my friends

  27. i’m glad to be your student sir, may one day i’ll be like you…..to go some countries……

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